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VOICES Committee

A VOICES Committee is a group of survivors who:

  • Volunteer their time to celebrate their strength and survival. Use their voices to help others through advocacy, education, and empowerment.
  • Support each other as well as incoming Cardinal Point clients.
  • Can offer a unique perspective about Cardinal Point’s mission, programming, and identify gaps in services.
  • Continually advocate on behalf of Cardinal Point for long term sustainability.

A VOICES Committee is not:

  • A support group.
  • A mascot for any particular movement.

Share Your Story

If you are a survivor, your story could help someone in a harmful situation. Your story could inspire someone to take that first step towards hope. We invite you to share and select the circumstances that you would like your story to be shared under.


We have multiple ways that you can donate to Cardinal Point. You can donate a monetary amount or purchase items from our Amazon wishlist.

If you are a business or estate wishing to donate in another way, please contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities

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